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Copyright © PatentManiac Consulting 2010. All Rights Reserved

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PatentManiac Consulting provides cost-effective and quality solutions in a timely manner to Attorneys, Law/IP Firms, Corporations, Legal Departments and In-house counsels across the golbe.

Our patent services result in achieving more productivity, flexibility, and efficiency. We strive to be a ‘one-stop’ solution provider to our clients for their IP needs by providing critical support during each stage of the IP lifecycle - from generating and protecting IP to commercializing IP. Our Six Sigma process methodology is embedded in our workflow, which optimize client workflows and maximize efficiency. Our solutions approach has been carefully crafted to take advantage of our unique combination of strategic insight, deep industry expertise and technology.

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Our team is empowered by highly experienced individuals from the Technology, Management and Legal fraternities. They bring with them years of rich and diverse experience and have also worked on several emerging technology fields. This diverse and versatile experience of our team helps us in understanding the client requirements better.

Our team includes doctorates, post-graduates, graduates and lawyers from numerous engineering and technical domains, with considerable industry experience and academic training from the country's top universities. They bring focus, experience, intelligence, and dedication to their work and have a knack for communicating complex concepts to nontechnical people and experts alike.

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Our values are fundamental to our success and impact every aspect of our organization. We are on oath to adhere to a set of values upon which the foundation of PatentaManiac Consulting is based. They are ideas and beliefs, which are of utmost importance to us. Some of them being :

Quality - Customer satisfaction grows with maintained quality. We serve better quality which in turn provides better value to our customers and, consequently, helps them achieve their goals. This differentiating factor helps us standout in this increasingly competitive business environment.

Trust - Mutual respect, information exchange, encouraging new ideas and respecting diverse opinions are the values that define trust. However, the foundation stone of trust is “confidence”. Trust is our core value that compels us to stick to highest confidentiality standards.

Teamwork - Positive team environment and collaborative efforts are driving factors for a team. The ability of a team to set up a common goal and achieve it through individual commitment is the sign of that team’s success. We strongly believe in teamwork, thus ensuring employee satisfaction.

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Mission & Vision

We aim at providing excellent services to those who think and try to make innovation an integral part of their professions. We are fervent supporters of Intellectual Property Rights of an individual or an organization, and are in constant endeavor to provide services to people with unimaginable motivation at a price below expectation. Specifically, our vision is :

To provide cost-effective and quality end-to-end intellectual property services in a timely manner to the Law Firms, In-house counsels, Universities and Inventors across the globe.

To ensure a better delivery through collaborations with people and businesses at each stage of a patent’s lifecycle from conceptualization, protection to commercialization.

To serve leading-edge companies delivering superior value with the highest quality and confidentiality standards.

To strive to attract the best talent around the world and to create an exciting and caring environment full of growth opportunities.

Copyright © PatentManiac Consulting 2010. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © PatentManiac Consulting 2010. All Rights Reserved

+1 323 - 3150057

Headquarter :
Office Suite - 504, Floor No. 5, Westend Mall Office Complex, Janak Puri, New Delhi - 110058 India
Phone No - +91-11-47540789

U.S. Sales office :
Worcester Road, Framingham, MA, USA

Europe Sales Office :
29 High Holborn, London WC2V 7BX
London, United Kingdom

Asia Sales Office :
70, Tower -1, Street No. 24
Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue, Beijing

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Engagement Models

  • Dedicated Hours Model

    In this model, the client engages us for a predetermined number of hours every month. Based on the number of hours, we would be offering patent services at a discounted hourly rate. As opposed to the dedicated team model, in which a dedicated team has to be picked, in this model, the client has the flexibility of utilizing our team members with diverse technical background. This model is suitable for clients for whom it is difficult to predetermine the technology domain of the projects that would be outsourced.

  • On-Demand Model

    Best suited for sporadic workload and short duration projects, our on-demand engagement model offers a one-time project specific proposal for the client’s approval. The proposal lists the methodology, proposed timelines and costs for the project. Therefore, no fixed commitment is required from the client. The projects are executed by professionals best-suited for work, based on their technical expertise and work experience. The professionals, once staffed, work exclusively for the client during the course of the project, thus ensuring a smooth communication and seamless delivery of work product(s).

  • Full-Time Equivalent Model

    Often, some of our clients aim at developing an in-house team of professionals to operate in the long run. In such cases, we offer a Full-time engagement model, wherein we recruit professionals according to your requirements, and provide them a complete training and infrastructure support at our offices. Once the team is ready to work on live projects, we operate it till a steady state operating condition is reached in which the team is aligned with the client’s business requirements, and gradually hand over the control of the team to the client. While the initial time investment and training is done by us, such teams have proved to work extremely efficiently with larger organizations – this comes with our experience of managing and handling teams of IP professionals successfully from their inception.

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Copyright © PatentManiac Consulting 2010. All Rights Reserved

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Patent Prosecution

  • Patentability Search

    Novelty Search, also referred to as a Patentability Search, is done before filing a patent application in the patent office so as to check whether features of the inventive step have already been disclosed before in one or more published documents (Patent or Non-patent Literature or both).

    Our patentability patent searches cover US, WIPO, EPO, Japan, Korea, China, Canada, and hundreds of other foreign jurisdictions. We also thoroughly search Non-Patent Literature, including related electronically available journals, websites, technical literature, manuals, books, articles, and blogs.

  • Structure/ Sequence Search

    Chemical structure search is performed to explore a database with the help of chemical structures and formulas. Chemical searching is made more efficient with the help of relevant synonyms of the chemical structure we are going to search for. Our chemistry team consists of well versed experts in genetics, biotechnogy and organic chemistry.

    We provide effective search strategy used in patent database to dig out each and every relevant prior art reference. We have a dedicated team of chemical technology which includes experts in specialized chemistry areas.

  • Invention Disclosure Development

    PatentManiac assists in crystallizing your idea from initial conceptions. Through multiple sesssion with the inventor, our team of experts understand all elements of an invention. As a part of Invention development we provide the inventor with the prior art existing in the domain and helps him/her in further refining the invention. We provide complete end-to-end support from fructification of an idea to prior art search to patent drafting.

  • Accelerated Examination Search

    Accelerated examination support is performed to make a patent grant in a short span of time. The PTO has established a procedure to advance the processing of the patent application. The applicant has to provide all the requisite documents to avail this procedure, as per mentioned on the website of PTO. One of the major requirements for admissibility of patent application in this procedure is Pre-Examination Search Document. It is important to perform a comprehensive Prior Art Search among various available patent databases, and non-patent literatures. The applicant has to submit the Accelerated Examination Support Document (AESD) and Information Disclosure Statement.

    PatentManiac has significant experience in performing searches and reporting the results in support of an Accelerated Exam.

  • International Patent Search

    PatentManiac offers its clients with international patent research service across any part of the world. We have subscription to numerous foreign patent research databases. This provides clients with an idea about the regions across which the invention can be commercialized or licensed accordingly.

  • Design Patent Search

    PatentManiac offer design search on a world wide. Our team of experts search for registered designs on Worlwide basis and across various databases including Hague Express, RCD Online, and on Websites of individual patent office(s) around the World. The search also includes Locarno Classification based search.

  • State of the Art Search

    PatentManiac's State of the art searches reveals patents and technologies in a particular field and can provide a basis for making critical business decisions. This information may be useful if a company is considering entry into a particular new product line or technology area. These results can also be used as a navigation framework for product and process design. The search reveals published papers, studies, and non-patent literature in a technology area, as well as patents and published patent applications around the world.

  • Native Languge Search

    PatentManiac offers prior art search in native languages. Our team of native language prior art searchers comprises of technical experts proficient in the native languages like Japanese, Korean and Chinese. In past projects, our team has uncovered valuable prior art missed by many search firm because of this unique search capability.

  • Defence Publication

    PatentManiac provide expert defensive publication drafting services at extremely competitive cost. Our team of experts work with the inventor or the product development team and provides a broad defensive disclosure to act as a prior art.

  • Patent Application Drafting

    PatentManiac has substantial amount of experience in patent drafting. We understand, analyze, interpret and draft patent applications to perfection. We have a strong team of patent agents and technologist, who work in systematic internal processes to understand your invention and deliver quality patent drafts. Our patent drafting team can expertly draft patents in various domains of science and technology.

  • Office Action Response

    PatentManiac has extensive experience in assisting various law firms and corporations around the globe and in preparing complete response to rejections/objections raised by the local patent offices. The quality of every OAR is maintained by an internal three level quality check – review of technical inputs by a technology expert, legal review by a patent agent, and bibliographic data/ formatting by peers. PatentManiac is committed to provide accurate technical inputs in a time bound fashion with an appreciable cost advantage.

  • Appeal Briefs

    PatentManiac provides Appeal Briefs on behalf of an applicant of a patent, whose application has been subjected to rejections from patent office. Our team of experts utilize their in-depth understanding of patent laws and PTO procedure to draft and file patent appeals. Our services include drafting and filling appeals for nearly all IP related litigations, for both pre and post grant reviews. With years of IP experience, we support our clients with high quality and trusted legal services.

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Patent Litigation

  • Patent Invalidity Search

    PatentManiac provides validity & Invalidity Search help in confirming a patent's enforceability or invalidate it. Our team of experts conduct a thorough patent and non-patent literature search to identify the prior art literatures that might invalidate the patent under study. Potential prior arts along with the bibliographic details are included in the report. The report further includes mapping of the relevant text of the identified prior art literature. Further, antecedent and enablement issues, non-compliance to duty of disclosure etc. are also analysed to make the report more concrete. Further, we carefully scope the search to focus on the most relevant sources and fit a predetermined budget.

  • Patent Infringement Analysis

    PatentManiac provides patent infringement analysis to determine whether a proposed product or invention infringes any in-force patent claims. This helps in making a strategic business decision such as commissioning a Patent Invalidity Search on the patent in question for filing invalidity contention, to initiate design-around activities, or to consider licensing the technology at issue.

    Because this search is directed at infringement, only the claims of in-force patents are relevant, Thus, searching for expired patents or non-patent literature is unnecessary.

    Prior to conducting the search, we will work with you to establish the elements of the product that should be considered for the Infringement Search. We will identify relevant patents and corresponding claims that appear to infringe upon our client’s invention and could indicate opportunities for licensing negotiations. Alternatively, you can provide us with a hypothetical claim. We analyze the claims of all unexpired (in-force) patents within the subject area so that you may counsel your client on infringement avoidance of unexpired (in-force) patents.

  • Freedom-to-Operate/Clearance Search

    PatentManiac’s Freedom to Operate/Clearance Search identifies third party enforceable patents and patent publications which helps our clients in assessing the risk of potential infringement in a particular jurisdiction. Product specification/Invention Disclosure is compared with the claim language of the patents. Legal status of the enforced patents and patent publications is also provided with this report.

  • Patent/Product Mapping

    PatentManiac provides Patent-Product Map cross-references patents to companies and related products that are likely to use the invention.

    Whether you are involved in Patent Licensing, Patent Litigation, or are looking to acquire or sell patents, a key factor in the decision making process is to know which companies may have products infringing your patented technology. PatentManiac offers Patent Product Maps as a tool to help make these decisions.

    The Patent Product Map cross-references patents to companies and related products that are likely to use the invention. By combining this information with market revenue and market share information, decisions on licensing targets, patent divestiture or acquisition, valuation, or Merger and Acquisition activities the right decision may be made.

  • Evidence of Use (EoU Charts)

    PatentManiac has extensive experience in creating Evidence of Use and claim charts. The charts can be customized as per your requirements. When a custom work is required, we often apply multiple analysis techniques in order to generate high quality claim charts. Wherever possible, we apply existing analysis and knowledge prior to performing any custom work

    Our claim charts can be court ready or in a draft form for your use
    Our claim charts are mix of publically available evidences with reverse engineering wherever required
    We provide our detailed comments with every evidence and give special attention to leap of faiths in the charts

  • Claim Chart Construction

    PatentManiac undertakes claim charting projects from almost every technology discipline. Depending on client requirements and business objectives, claim charts are combined with other analysis such as: validity/invalidity, infringement, licensing support services or due diligence. Detailed element wise mapping of infringed claim is provided to justify the infringement or invalidity of the intellectual property.

  • Design Invalidity Search

    PatentManiac offer design invalidity search for a specific design patent to be invalidated, across U.S., European & rest of the world. Our team of experts search for registered designs on Worlwide basis and across various databases including Hague Express, RCD Online, and on Websites of individual patent office(s) around the World. The search also includes Locarno Classification based search.

  • Design Infringement Analysis

    PatentManiac offer design infringement analysis for a specific design by checking infringing designs on the specific design. Our team of experts search for registered designs on Worlwide basis and across various databases including Hague Express, RCD Online, and on Websites of individual patent office(s) around the World. The search also includes Locarno Classification based search.

  • Exparte & Inter Parte Re-examination

    Use of the inter partes/ Exparte Re-Examination in an attempt to invalidate the asserted patent can lead to a stay of the patent litigation, which may offer strategic and cost advantages. Numerous factors impact the likelihood of success in a re-examination or a litigation, most important being the strength of the strength of the prior art.

    In recent years, re-examination is increasingly used as an avenue to invalidate a patent in light of prior art not known or appreciated at the time of examination. PatentManiac can provide the best art for petitioning for re-examination, as well as charting the prior art to claims, to clearly elucidate how the prior art invalidates. Our experts have drafted Re-examination petitions for our clients which have been accepted by PTO.

  • Expert Witness Opinion

    PatentManiac provides technical support and guidance in a potential litigation including expert witnessing and assistance in developing patenting strategy for its client in order to sue a potential infringing company.

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Patent Analytics

  • Patent/Technology Landscape Study

    PatentManiac provides clients with patent landscape studies to frame key decisions related for a new product development, R&D planning and strategic investment for the growth of organization. This is executed by researching comprehensively through the patent databases, journals, and publications so as to give an accurate and effective landscape of a specific technology. The research provides both the white spaces and high density areas of research and patents in a particular technology domain. Landscape study results are presented to clients in an interactive database with a user-friendly search interface. This helps our clients target their current research and align their future research endeavors.

  • Competitive Intelligence

    PatentManiac provides clients with patent competitive intelligence to evaluate what is necessary for right action, without incurring any liability toward willful infringement. We assist client in making legal and systematic collection and analysis of information about the strengths, weaknesses, and future intentions of competitors. Competitive intelligence professionals routinely use a wide variety of tools and techniques to gather, analyze, and act on CIaims.

  • White Space Analysis

    At times, you need to bridge the gap in a specific field of invention by identifying the possibilites of new invention in the field. You need support of experts who have good analytical and technical skills. Here PatentManiac comes into picture which has the expertise in generating Whitespace which help you in idenfying the area where an invention can be generated. PatentManiac's Whitespace analysis reports help you in gaining competitive advantages in the market and support in your research and development (R&D) efforts.

  • Technical Rebuttal

    PatentManiac has experience of successfully supporting a number of clients with technical rebuttals in licensing and litigation situations. Moreover, PatentManiac fully supports clients with counter rebuttals in the case where infringement analysis has been provided and is being challenged. These rebuttals are typically handled by one of the following methods;

    Challenging the validity of the patent;
    Challenging the validity of the claims construction;
    Challenging the technical accuracy of the patent read. PatentMainac's technical and patent expertise and experience provide a strong member of the team to perform technical rebuttals.

  • Patent Ranking/Valuation/Monetization

    PatentManiac prvides Patent Ranking/Evaluation/Monetization service to evaluate the patents on the basis of quantitative and qualitative parameters. Quantitative parameters include citations of a patent (forward, backward & Non-patents), no of claims (independent, dependent), no of inventors, no of assignees, remaining useful life etc. Similarly, qualitative parameters like Market value, Inventive value, Economic value, Technology Cycle Time, International scope, technology scope etc.

  • Patent Portfolio Analysis

    PatentManiac offers customized Patent Portfolio Analysis services for companies. As a part of patent portfolio analysis, patents are analyzed to develop valuable insight helping in assessment of R&D scenario and prospects of commercialization. It also helps in fully exploiting your company’s patent assets by identifying new licensing opportunities and mitigating litigation risk.

  • Patent Watch & Mining

    PatentManiac has in-depth technical skills, knowledge of market space and understanding of various parameters associated with patents which helps in mining the patents as per your requirements. PatentManiac has created proprietary processes with the help of its experience of mining through more than 100000 patents in various domains. You might require our mining services in the following situations:

    If you plan to monetize your patent portfolio;
    If you plan to divest in your non-performing patent assets;
    If you plan to invest in good patents assets of specific technology;
    If you plan to invest in patents of specific company etc.

  • IP Audit

    Our team will visit and learn of the products/processes, identify and review in-house IP , identify the protection level of IP, evaluate and assess existing IP agreements with third-parties, review existing systems and processes for protecting IP, and provide our evaluation on how your intellectual property can be further exploited or protected in your business.

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Patent Paralegal

  • Patent Illustrations

    PatentManiac provides high quality patent drawing services with competence, precision and turn around time. We prepare numerous drawings using various paid & unpaid software's (such as CAD, CORAL Draw, VISIO, Adobe Illustrator) without compromising quality. We have a dedicated team of professionals working around the client's deadlines.

    We prepare formal patent drawings based on the rough sketches/ flowcharts/ photographs etc., provided by the client. These drawings comply with standards across various patent offices/treaties around the world.

  • Design Illustrations

    PatentManiac provides high quality design drawing services with competence, precision and turn around time. We prepare numerous drawings using various paid & unpaid software's (such as CAD, CORAL Draw, VISIO, Adobe Illustrator) without compromising quality. We prepare design drawings based on the rough sketches/ flowcharts/ photographs etc., provided by the client.

  • IDS Generation

    PatentManiac assist clients in filing Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) in various patent offices across the world by uploading the references on docketing software & assisting clients in searching any citations possible on the web. This helps client in submitting relevant background art or information to the concerned patent office during the patent prosecution process.

  • ADS Generation

    PatentManiac also helps clients in filing Application Data Sheet (ADS) as a part of the patent application. Patent details (Bibliographic details) may change any time during or after the prosecution of a patent/patent application. These details need to be updated with the patent offices where the application was filed or patent granted, to enforce rights against potential infringers.

  • Trademark Illustrations

    PatentManiac provides high quality Trademark design with competence, precision and turn around time. We prepare numerous drawings using various paid & unpaid software's (such as CAD, CORAL Draw, VISIO, Adobe Illustrator) without compromising quality. We prepare formal drawings based on the rough sketches/ flowcharts/ photographs etc., provided by the client.

  • File Wrapper Analysis

    PatentManiac provides patent file wrapper reviews and histories. Specifically, we can return searchable PDF’s which can be provided to you through email or for bulk orders by a secure FTP. The team can deliver the file wrapper within 48 hours afer ordering.

  • Docketing

    PatentManiac provides experienced IP professionals to make the management of your patents both easier and more efficient. We provide customized docketing services to fit your needs and can maintain your docket data on your computer or our systems. We have experience of working on various docketing platforms. We offer weekly or monthly services depending on your needs. By outsourcing the management of your IP docketing records, you can free your IP resource and can utilize your resources more productively.

  • Patent Translation

    PatentManiac provides patent translation options at competitive prices along with a short turnaround time. Our patent translation experts provide precise and accurate translations of patents and IP documents. This includes translation of German, French, Japanese, Korean and Chinese Patents and other technical documents into English and translation of English documents into other native languages. We specialize in full patent translation, as well as translations of abstracts, tables of contents, paragraphs, claims.

    We can provide competitive pricing for the translation of:
    Patent applications for filings in foreign patent office Prior art materials, including published patents, scientific and technical articles etc.

  • Patent Trascription

    PatentManiac provides IP transcription services with high quality transcripts in English language. Our clients can trust us for 100% accuracy no matter how ambiguous or unclear a voice file is.

  • Patent Proofreading

    PatentManiac's proofreading service includes meticulously finding errors in the patent. We have multi-step quality control and quality assurance processes, methodologies and deep industry experience. We do run automated checks along with a proper manual analysis as per the checklist. Moreover, we identify and report all errors to you and take future steps as per your instruction.

    Our team can access the copy of issued patent and the file history documents from the PTO public or private PAIR. Our proofreading process takes into account all office actions, amendments and other changes made to the application post filing.

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TradeMark Services

  • Trademark Search

    PatentManiac conducts extensive searches on various paid and unpaid databases to search for any existing trademark or design that may prohibit grant of a new trademark. Such searches help to assure novelty and distinctiveness of the proposed mark and avoid losses that may incur due to prosecution of an already existing trademark.

  • Trademark Filing

    PatentManiac provides services relating to trademark filing and prosecuting. We have a dedicated team of IP professionals to help our clients in trademark related issues.

  • Trademark Watch

    PatentManiac trademark watch service is an essential part of an effective trademark maintenance and enforcement program. Trademark filing is often not enough. It is important that the trademark is ‘watched’. It will help in tracking existing and potential trademarks. It also helps in identifying similar trademarks that might cause confusion in public related to your brand or has the potential to dilute your trademark's reputation.

    Our Trademark Analysts are fluent in most major languages to offer exhaustive, reliable and flexible trademark watch services. Using our proprietary software we uncover a wide range of potentially confusingly similar marks, then our qualified staff of Trademark professionals we will send you a notification indicating which trademark/s is/are very similar or identical to your trademark.

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Brand Enforcement

Our clients invest significant resources in developing strong, distinctive, enduring brands. It is essential that they be protected, nurtured, and grown. PatentManiac's brand enforcement practice understands that our clients' brand names and goodwill are among their most valuable assets, and has assembled a team of highly experienced people to protect them.

A counterfeit product is one that is knowingly made with the intention of deceiving a recipient or buyer as to its true identity, content, or origin, and is branded with another's registered trademark. Counterfeits are found in many industries, including fashion, jewelry, auto parts, software, and pharmaceuticals. A counterfeit product is often indistinguishable from a product protected by a registered mark, but is usually of lower quality and almost always costs less to manufacture. We assist our clients in combating a worldwide counterfeiting problem by using various inhouse tools including - Alibaba, Aliprotect etc. to check the conterfieting activities in specific regions. This helps the client in taking strategic and legal decisions to protect the brand value.

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Translation Services

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E - Discovery

1. Information Governance: Getting your electronic house in order to mitigate risk & expenses should e-discovery become an issue, from initial creation of ESI (electronically stored information) through its final disposition.

2. Identification: Locating potential sources of ESI & determining its scope, breadth & depth.

3. Preservation : Ensuring that ESI is protected against inappropriate alteration or destruction.

4. Collection : Gathering ESI for further use in the e-discovery process (processing, review, etc.).

Electronic Discovery Reference Model

5. Processing : Reducing the volume of ESI and converting it, if necessary, to forms more suitable for review & analysis.

6. Review : Evaluating ESI for relevance & privilege.

7. Analysis : Evaluating ESI for content & context, including key patterns, topics, people & discussion.

8. Production : Delivering ESI to others in appropriate forms & using appropriate delivery mechanisms.

9. Presentation: Displaying ESI before audiences (at depositions, hearings, trials, etc.), especially in native & near-native forms, to elicit further information,
validate existing facts or positions, or persuade an audience.

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Copyright © PatentManiac Consulting 2010. All Rights Reserved

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Data Confidentiality

PatentManiac Consulting provides confidentiality, data security, integrity for data and communication. Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements are signed to assure confidentiality. The agreements are signed with our clients and our employees. Moreover, PatentManiac follows high security standards with elaborate set of security procedures/mechanisms to meet client satisfaction. We have a dedicated team of IT Professionals equipped with all necessary procedures/tools for checking the flow of data within the organization. We also have a dedicated Server to fulfil the need of information security and confidentiality.

Two levels of data security:

Physical Security
24*7 physical security. CCTV monitoring of workplace. Team segregation for different clients. Secured key less access.

Information and Data Security
Data classification and classified access. Restricted access to printing and the Internet. Restricted USB access.
Clean-desk policy. Third Party emails and chat disabled. Secured servers for data protection. Data transfer with clients through secured FTP login.

Conflict Management
We conduct conflicts check for our clients before taking projects. We maintain an updated information database and restrict the employee’s exposure to matters other than matters of his/her direct involvement. The company follows Chinese walls policy and the teams are physically separated to avoid conflict of interests.

Attorney Client Privilege
Attorney Client privilege, covers the work done at PatentManiac Consulting. We retain the privilege, as our main purpose of running this business is to assist the requesting attorney who in turn advises the client. The confidential communication between client, attorney and patent engineer is covered by this privilege may be written or oral.

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Texas based Law Firm

Very Impressive! I will recommend your firm to my colleagues as well...

Major electronic company in Taiwan

Excellent work. This was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!...

Major Semi-conductor firm in California

The search references were great. It helped me in enhancing my portfolio...

Law firm based in Japan

Well done. I will surely use your firm in future....

Patent Attorney, Russian Law Firm

I am surprised with the wonderful draft of re-examination prepared by PatentManiac team.Truly great work...

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Below is a list of databases that are generally used during patent research services:

Patent Databases - Thomson Innovation, MicroPatent, Delphion, DWPI, PatBase, IPOS (for Singapore patents), Ekaswa (For Indian patents), KIPRIS (Korean), PAJ, STN databases, GenomeQuest, Registry/Dgene/USGENE/PCTGEN via STN.

Non-Patent Databases- ACM, IEEE Explore, Google Scholar,, PubMed, Scirus, ScienceDirect, Thompson Innovation, Scopus.

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Our reports are highly customized, as per the client’s need. We provide reports/drafts in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power point and in Dashboard format. To request a sample report, please reach us at and our sales representative will get in touch with you.

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Contact Us

  • Our Offices

    Headquarter :
    Office Suite - 504, Floor No. 5, Westend Mall Office Complex, Janak Puri, New Delhi - 110058 India
    Phone No - +91-11-47540789

  • Careers

    Our people are our greatest strength. We are committed to hire talented individuals and promoting diversity in the workplace. We endeavor to create professional, fulfilling and challenging work environment.

    PatentManiac Consulting is an equal-opportunity employer where the skills and potentials of every individual are nurtured with ample opportunities for professional growth.

    If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with PatentManiac Consulting, please submit your resume to

  • Disclaimer

    PatentManiac Consulting Private Ltd. assumes no responsibility for the correctness or timeliness of any information provided. The information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. PatentManiac disclaims all warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of such information. PatentManiac shall have no liability for errors, omissions or inadequacies in the information contained herein or for interpretations thereof.

    The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice or a substitute for any concerned authority. Neither PatentManiac nor any of their respective employees or representatives provides legal services or legal advice in any country. The services and related work product provided by PatentManiac and its personnel are performed and delivered solely at the request of its clients.

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  • Machine Translation

    PatentManiac provides cost effective machine translation of patents in 150+ languages around the globe. The patent translations are performed using various CAT tools including SDL Trados Studio, LocStudio, SDLX, Helium, Déjà vu, STAR Transit, GlobalSight etc.

  • Manual Translation

    PatentManiac offers certified manual patent translation across 150+ languages across the globe. We have our in-house experience team of linguists that offer accurate and efficient translations in foreign and domestic languages across various countries.

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PatentManiac offers a complete language solution that covers full range of services related to bringing a localized product and content to markets fast, efficiently, cost-effectively and with the required quality.

Our experienced in-house content writers and translators, along with empaneled native translators, have been providing high quality native translation and localization services to fortune 500+ companies from across the globe. Our services include:

  Translation Localization
 Sub Titling
 Voice Over

 Content Development
 Website Localization
 Software Localization
 Multimedia Localization
 E-learning Localization

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PatentManiac offers certified transcreation or creative translation and multilingual copywriting services in over 100 languages for countless target cultures and locales. Our transcreation services enable you to convey your creative messages in a way that is relevant and engaging while staying true to your original brand concepts.

Keep your original meaning and connect with your audience in your target languages. We help your brand look and feel the same in every locale while resonating within each target culture.

We provide a full suite of transcreation services for:

 Creative writing

 Data sheets
 Global branding
 Marketing collateral

 Product names
 Public relations
 Radio commercilas

 Tv Commercials

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PatentManiac provides high quality transcription services for fortune 500+ companies across the globe. Our transcriptionists are trained to transcribe multiple language audio recording and accents such as British, American, and Australian, Canadian, European, African, Asian and more. At PatentManiac, we utilize extensive working hours in-corporate with highly trained and skilled transcriptionists, advance transcription software and technologies ensuring best quality transcripts in time bound manner and satisfied customers.

We specialize in the following types of transcription services:

  Meeting transcription for technical meetings
 TV show transcription
  Transcribing interviews
  Transcribing inventory recordings
 Transcription services digital to text
 Medical transcription service
 Audio transcription services
 Transcribe mp3 to text

 Phone transcription
 Voice to text service
 Transcribing wav file & microcassette to text
 Academic Lectures, Thesis, Classroom Notes
 Seminars; Both Single-Speaker and Interactive
 Medical dictations & Legal Recordings
 Focus group and discussions
 Podcast and web cast etc

Copyright © PatentManiac Consulting 2010. All Rights Reserved